November 2024

Run for a FEA and create a success story worth telling!

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FEA Winners 2023


FEA 2024 are launching and we've got NEWS for you!

The entry process remains the same as last year. This year, however, a new competition category was added, the Great Taste FEA, where for the first time in Greece it will be evaluated before all tested and accredited laboratories!

The FEAs 2024 evaluate nominations with the aim of encouraging and rewarding hard and innovative work in the food industry.

At FEA 2024 we are intensifying the series of honorary awards to personalities and organizations that distinguish themselves in the subjects of Food Science.

The awarding of prizes to the WINNERS of FEA 2024 will take place in a special ceremony on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 2024 in the context of Food & Drinks by DETROP at HELEXPO in Thessaloniki.

FEA 2023 Ceremony

The FEA 2023 Winners ceremony was a blast. In a really special event 46 companies representatives recieved their FEA award for excellence, inspiration and effort. 

Additionally 4 individuals were decorated for their contribution to Food Science, Food Safety and Nutrition.

FEA 2023 Winners ceremony took place in February 12th 2023 in an event during the 31st DETROP International Food and Drink Exhibition / HELEXPO, THESSALONIKI, GREECE.

The FEA 2024 Categories


The FEA 2024 Key Dates


Entries Open

Monday 15th of April 2024

Early Bird Period End

Friday 28th June 2024

Entries Close

Monday 30th September 2024

Winners Announced

The FEA Ceremony
Saturday 2nd November 2024

The FEA Way


Step 1 Nomination


Step 2 Nomination acceptance


Step 3 Registration


Step 4 Enter FEA official candidate list


Step 5 Proposal Submission


Step 6 Proposal Evaluation


Step 7 FEA Winners Announcement


Step 8 FEA Winners receive Trophy and Communication Pack 

The FEA Category Sponsors


The FEA Winners Communication Pack


An honor at the FEA, is a recognition for your ideas, hard work and performance given by an independent committee of food experts. This deserves to be communicated in the most efficient way. The FEA WINNERS are entitled to a great communication pack.

Additionally, with over 6.700.000 users (google analytics 23 March 2024), cibum remains the perfect platform for businesses looking to promote their brand across a specialized readership, and each winner in the FEA has the chance to utilise cibum to share their news with our highly engaged audience for a years time, till FEA next edition 2024.

If you wish to participate in the Food Experts’ Awards 2024 or if you would like to propose a company, an organization or individual who you feel is deserving of a place on the FEA initial list this year, please use our registration form or our nomination form to submit a nomination respectively6

Five Reasons
to run for a FEA

The Food Experts' Awards, called FEA, are the food and drink industry’s innovation and excellence prize. Food sector professionals evaluate the nominations in order to encourage and reward hard and innovative work.

Winning a FEA and receiving it on the special FEA WINNERS announcement ceremony held in HELEXPO is a clear opportunity for you as a business. Here are the basic five reasons to run for a FEA:


Benefit from the highest recognition, creating a story worth telling


Have your business, product or service evaluated by independent food sector experts


All FEA Winners will be featuring in cibum, the food experts website, throughout the year


FEA WINNERS receive assets to help promote their achievements (FEA WINNER Communication Pack)


Be on the stage and enjoy one of the best events conserning the food and drink sector, on the 2nd of November 2024 hosted at the 32nd International Food and Drink Exhibition HELEXPO in Thessaloniki, GREECE


Why cibum launched the FEA?​


Cibum is proud to organize and HELEXPO is delighted to host the second edition of the annual Food Experts’ Awards, the FEA 2024. The International Awards program focused entirely on achievements done in the Food And Beverage sector.

Designed to recognize and honor truly remarkable companies, organizations and professionals who bring to the global food scene achievements, dedication, outstanding work and excellence in fields like innovation, quality, food safety, development, management and succeeding in meeting high business, technology and food science objectives and goals.

The six FEA pylons


Better design

Products, packaging, premises, machinery and procedures developed in a creative, innovative, perfecting and evolving manner leads to BETTER DESIGN

Better Technology

Applying new and dynamic technology on behalf of quality, safety, productivity, development and innovation is the starting point for BETTER TECHNOLOGY

Better Production

Production with quality, safety, accuracy, efficiency, respect, continuity and integrity values is a BETTER PRODUCTION

Better Nutrition

Formulas, ingredients, ideas, products, services, concepts and foodstuff that support and promote healthy living give away BETTER NUTRITION

Better Environment

Sustainable way of designing and producing food products, packaging and machinery that lowers human food chain impact to mother nature and helps next generation quality living in a BETTER ENVIRONMENT

Better Life

Environmental friendly approach, sustainability, and healthy eating lead to a BETTER LIFE



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