Great Taste Customer's Choice


Category Objectives


The aim of this FEA category is to encourage and reward companies that produce and market products of excellent quality and taste. In this special FEA category, products will be evaluated by a panel of testers in an accredited laboratory with sensory assessment (purchase intention).

Category Eligibility


All Food and beverage companies, restaurants, catering, fast foods, canteens, hotels, producers of olive oil, coffee, wine, soft drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water are invited to participate for a taste discrimination through sensory evaluation by an accredited sensory laboratory. The competitive subcategories of FEA Great Taste Customer’s Choice category are

  1. Food Product
  2. Dairy Product
  3. Deli Meat Product 
  4. Bakery Product
  5. Retail Ready to Eat Meal
  6. Confectionary / Chocolate
  7. Street Food / Grab and Go
  8. Coffee
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Non-Alcohol Beverages – Juices
  11. Mineral Water
  12. Wine and Spirits
  13. Honey
  14. Nuts and Dried Fruits
  15. Snacks

Participation/evaluation is done per product. The prize will have a badge that can be used in promo material and be placed on the product.

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Category Evaluation Criteria​

The FEA Nomination Team can assist you with explaining The FEA Way and answering any queries that you have regarding a nomination or the process involved in taking part in one of our award categories. Contact via message or give us a call. 

This FEA category has a Special Partner


For the awards of the FEA Great Taste series, samples of the candidate product will be tested using the “Consumer purchase intention after organoleptic test” technique at the special facilities of the TUV AUSTRIA LABs laboratory in Athens. The infrastructure for organoleptic tests complies with the requirements of the ISO 8589:2007 standard, while it is accredited by ESYD for the Discriminative Sensory Test according to ISO 11136:2017.

Collection of samples of the competing product must either be delivered to the laboratory at the participant’s responsibility or collected by a laboratory sampler from the applicant’s facility. The size of the sample (pieces or weight) will be determined by the laboratory after the declaration of candidacy as it depends on the type of product being contested.

The laboratory has extensive experience in organoleptic tests by consumer test panels. The organoleptic evaluation is carried out blindly and in complete silence. The participants in the test panel, the testers of FEA Great Taste, are neither experts nor special evaluators of organoleptic tests but consumers of various age groups and leaves. The minimum number of consumers that make up the test panel is 60 and this is in accordance with ISO 11136:2017. Testers know nothing in advance about the product they are testing except its category. The products to be evaluated are presented for testing to consumers after they have been made as anonymous as possible. The test leader asks the test panel members to rate the product based on 5 criteria appearance, smell, taste, aroma, texture (solid foods) or overall mouthfeel (liquids). The scoring for each criterion is on a scale of 1 (dislike) to 10 (like). The laboratory will perform statistical processing of the results based on Annex H2, ISO 11136:2017 and will issue a relevant Test Report and Test Report, which will be delivered to ALL tenderers in confidence. The list of participants is not announced. Only the list of winners is announced. The sample with an overall evaluation result >80% is designated by the competitive process as the winner of the FEA Great Taste and will be invited for an award at the FEA Award Ceremony in Thessaloniki.

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