Great VEGAN's Choice


Category Objectives


To encourage and reward production, retail and food service companies that design, offer and control high standard, innovative and exceptional Vegan food products and meals (contains no animal-derived ingredients, measures in place to avoid cross-contamination during production and GMO-free). Encourage and reward companies designing and producing plant-based meat, dairy, poultry and fish analogs that are made to improve the nutritional functionality of the product by containing high protein with essential amino acids and low-fat content which makes these products good for human health and more friendly to our plannet.

Category Eligibility


All production, retail and food service companies that design, offer and control high standard, innovative and exceptional Vegan / plant based analoges products and meals throughout the world are eligible.

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Category Evaluation Criteria​

The FEA Nomination Team can assist you with explaining The FEA Way and answering any queries that you have regarding a nomination or the process involved in taking part in one of our award categories. Contact via message or give us a call. 

This FEA category has a Sponsor


To the Gold Winners of the category, TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) offers the free participation of one of their executives in a seminar of their choice worth up to €700/participation. The Gold Winners can choose any training program they want from the more than 120 seminars of the organization.

The complete program with the dates and Technical Descriptions of the seminars can be found at the following link: Calendar of Seminars – Education | TÜV HELLAS (

TÜV HELLAS is a certification and inspection body, 100% subsidiary of the German TÜV NORD Group. It has been active in Greece since 1987, providing Third Party Inspection-Certification services, for all types of enterprises, in both the private and public sector, in the fields of Technology, Quality, Security, Energy, and the Environment.

TÜV HELLAS has become a leader in the field of Inspection-Certification, offering services with prestige, reliability, visibility and added value. It has managed to link the Organisation’s name with the largest infrastructure and development projects in our country, contributing through its services to the quality and safety of products and constructions.

TÜV HELLAS is responsible for coordinating and planning TUV NORD’s development strategy in the Balkans and the Southeastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Egypt, Albania, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Lebanon, Libya, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, FYROM).

TÜV HELLAS operates two subsidiaries, TÜV CYPRUS and TUV Egypt in Cyprus and Egypt respectively. Recently, it started to operate at international level; with the collaboration of the 70 subsidiaries of the TUV Nord Group and its network of experienced inspectors, TUV HELLAS can offer its services in the Oil & Gas sector worldwide.

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