Who nominates a company


FEA nominations come in via three ways: self nomination, third-party nomination and cibum nomination. A large part of the nomination process is driven by cibum, throughout the year a great deal of time is spent identifying potentially suitable candidates for each category within their appropriate markets. A cibum nomination doesn’t hold any more weight than a self, or third-party nomination, they all filter through to the Screening Stage in the same manner.

If you didn’t self-nominate, the nomination will have come from either a third-party proposal via our online nomination form or, by us cibum. We run the nomination process via the FEA website entirely anonymously, prohibiting us to provide specific details. Tried and tested in similar projects over the years from our IT support team, response rates are always higher this way. As we operate in this manner, we run a filtering system and do not link the number of proposals received with any bonus for the candidate. We store encrypted versions of the IP address associated with the nomination, allowing us to track unusual behavior.

YES I DO accept the nomination


Once a nomination is accepted, the organisation will be moved on to our initial list. Listed companies are encouraged to move on to registration. After registration the nomination turns to official. Next step the official nomminee is asked to submit the tailor made per category questionnaire and any supporting materials forming the FEA Proposal. This is the perfect opportunity to put forward any specifics you’d like the FEA evaluators to take into consideration will evaluating your nomination. See details in the roadmap presented in the FEA Enter Guide

Nomination form