Category Objectives


To encourage and reward companies that move towards the production of products with significant nutritional value and rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids) aiding to support healthy eating, along with variety and moderation to a diet. Note that it is well known that certain superfoods may provide an additional benefit to a healthy diet, but variety and moderation are just as important to our dietary needs. Variety not only in the foods we eat, but in the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies require, and moderation in how much (or how little) of a particular food we eat are essential.

Category Eligibility


All companies having done remarkable work in designing, producing and marketing high nutritional value food products, promoting in this way a healthier diet, throughout the world are eligible.

FEA Pylon Served​


Category Evaluation Criteria​

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This FEA category has a Sponsor


To the Gold Winners of the category, Tsakalidis Analysis & Testing Laboratories offers for a product of their choice “Total migration test of a material in contact with food to demonstrate the compliance of total migration with EU Regulation 10/2011.”

In Tsakalidis Analysis & Testing laboratories, we carry out reliable analysis in order to deliver accurate, trustful and useful results that help our clients to monitor and verify their procedures.

The reliability and accuracy of our services is based on a simple principle, which every employee at Tsakalidis Analysis & Testing adopts and consistently follows: We always approach solving the problems you assign us with a practical spirit by applying procedures according to officially accepted methodologies. 

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