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FEA nominations may occur through three ways: self nomination, third-party nomination and cibum nomination. The only valid nominations, from all three ways, come from filling in and submitting the FEA Nomination from.

Note that multiple nominations may be submitted using just one Nomination Form.

The FEA Nomination Team comes in contact with the nominee and ensures that the nomination is accepted, explains the FEA Way and encourages the nominee to Register by submitting the FEA Registration form. The Nomination Team operates as a helpdesk in this step.

The ONLY valid nominations need to be registered successfully by submiting the FEA Registration form till the Registration deadline. Registration means understanding the Terms and Conditions of the FEA. The Nomination Team operates as a helpdesk in this step.

Note that multiple nominations may be registered using just one Registration Form. The Nomination Team will form an agreement and send it to the nominee for signing.

The Nomination Team will form an agreement and send it to the nominee for signing. The nominee signs the agreement and makes the entry fee payment. Now the nominee enters the final FEA candidates list.

A tailor made questionnaire is sent and the candidate is asked to fill it in and attach any supporting material. Procedures, policies, charts, worksheets, presentations, media packs, brochures and product samples are also welcome at this stage.

This way the FEA Proposal is ready and the nominee has to submit it within the appropriate deadline. The Nomination Team receives the Proposal, does a documentation review and checks the completeness of the Proposal. If any gaps left in the procedure the Nomination Team will contact you. If a company is multi nominated a Proposal for each category needs to be submitted.

NOTE: Entry Fees can be sponsored by a different organization, individual or company. The candidate has to bring the sponsor in touch with the Nomination Team.

Entry fees


All the above are + VAT 24%

Discount policy:

Terms & conditions


1. The FEA 2024 will run from April 2024 until November 2024.

2. The final deadline for Registrations in relation to the Year 2024 FEA will be 30th September 2024.

3. The FEA WINNERS announcement ceremony will take place at a suitable venue in the 32nd International Food and Drink Exhibition / HELEXPO Thessaloniki GREECE in November the 2nd 2024. Still the way of announcing the results will be pre adapted to the health conditions that will prevail in the country at that particular time.

4. Companies situated in any country can apply for the FEA. All texts and support material at the nomination, registration and proposal steps have to be in English or Greek.

5. Cibum, the Organizer Company of the Food Experts’ Awards will offer sponsorship or partnership opportunities to companies and organizations. Companies are not allowed to sponsor a FEA category for which they are nominated. A partner may offer financial/product/service support to the FEA project (e.g. administration partner, venue partner, appetizer partner, cocktail/drink partner, trophy partner, accommodation sponsor, etc). A sponsor may offer extra product/service awards to the FEA GOLD WINNERS of his sponsored category. Category sponsors of the Year 2024 FEA get first refusal for partnering the same category again in 2025. The deadline for decisions for the 2025 Awards is 30th January 2025. After this date the category will be offered to the open market.

6. The submission of nominations to the awards, are carried out by completing and submitting the registration form found in The registration is followed by the contract signing and finally in order the nominee to have a valid registration, the appropriate payment in the bank account has to be done and a proof of payment sent to before evaluation begins. The entry fee is generally non-refundable.

7. After the completion of the documentation review from the FEA Nomination Team and the assignment of a nominee Proposal to the evaluators, no change is allowed.

8. FEA nominees have the full responsibility for the truth, completeness and accuracy of the information transferred to the FEA administration.

9. The FEA Administration Committee, reserves the right, even after the submission of nominations, to add new, split, merge or cancel categories, as well as to transfer nominations to different category.

10. All Evaluators Decisions are FINAL. The Finalists and Winners arise the FEA WAY and the decisions are Final.

11. Nominations are not publicly announced before the FEA WINNERS Ceremony. The FEA Administration Committee, the FEA Nomination Team and the assigned evaluators share information for the purposes of the assessment. Only the FEA WINNERS are announced in the ceremony and all communication, publicity and media activities that will follow.

12. Winners and finalists of each FEA category will be informed as soon as possible and not less than 1 week before the FEA WINNERS announcement ceremony date in writing on a Strictly Private & Confidential basis. The winners of the awards are required to maintain confidentiality until after the formal presentations.

13. A FEA WINNER will only be presented as a category winner if the company nominated is operational at the time of the awards ceremony. The Organizer Company has the right to exclude a nominee that has performed or is publicly accused for antisocial or illegal behavior until 3 hours before the FEA WINNERS Announcement Ceremony.

14. The FEA WINNERS can use the FEA Communication Pack and further on communicate their distinction in any way selected but always using the accurate wording written on their FEA WINNER Certification.

15. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the awards or postpone or abort the event, at any stage of it, if there is a serious reason (including indications including, but not limited to, force majeure events – between of these and compliance with measures taken for dealing with and limiting the pandemic). In each case all interested parties will be informed via email.

16. The participants, submitting their candidacy, fully and unconditionally accept the above conditions of participation, as well as the decisions of the evaluators. By submitting a nomination, the participants in the organization expressly and unconditionally acknowledge that the decisions of the Evaluators are not disputed and that no objections are accepted or considered for the re-evaluation of the nominations. The participants waive any related claim, recognizing that the Organizer Company is not responsible for any damage from the above actions, as well as in general from their participation in the FEA.

17. Please note that photographs and / or videos will be taken during the ceremony for publicity purposes which may be used either during the event / ceremony or over the post-event / ceremony period. By attending this event or an online ceremony consent to use any images of attendees or participants for promotional purposes by cibum is implied. Such promotional use may include websites, promotion literature, advertising, galleries, video coverage, social media, poster artwork, and any other medium deemed appropriate by the Organizer Company. Note: you are able to contact the FEA Nomination Team in writing to request to withdraw your consent at any time.

18. The organizers reserve the right, without prior notice, to revise or change the date of the FEA WINNERS Ceremony, to change the location and the nature/format of the event at any time, at their full discretion. In such circumstances the organisers will inform Partners, Sponsors and Participants in writing of any changes that the organisers believe to be appropriate to facilitate the successful conclusion of the FEA WINNERS ceremony.

Technical data


Technical data
Images (product photo, company logo, etc)
For images provide publishable files (.jpg .png .gif) for download via WeTransfer (image size minimum of 72dpi).

Video / Audio
For files in MP4 format please provide files for download via WeTransfer. Please ensure that each individual file is under 62 MB and that you do not use abbreviations, dashes, commas, apostrophes etc. in your file name. Uploads that are over 62 MB and have file names with the mentioned abbreviations will sadly fail.

Online Advertising & Online Marketing
URL pointing to ad(s) OR provide files for download via WeTransfer. Please ensure that each individual file is under 62 MB and that you do not use abbreviations, dashes, commas, apostrophes etc. in your file name. Uploads that are over 62 MB and have file names with the mentioned abbreviations will sadly fail.