Great Food Media Performer


Category Objectives


To encourage and reward media (tv shows, radio shows, magazines, websites, pod casts, etc) that produce and offer exceptional food content to the audience. The content may cover food safety, food technology, food science, nutrition, food heratige and culture, customer experience, gastronomy, fine food, Vegan diet, well being, etc topics.

Category Eligibility


All companies that design and offer high standard, unique and exceptional food content throughout the world are eligible.

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This FEA category has a Sponsor


Q-CERT is the largest certification body based in Northern Greece, founded in 1998. It is a purely Greek body and represents Greece well abroad, including countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Q-CERT is staffed by inspectors with experience in the industrial, food, service and agricultural sectors. The firm position of our organization is to carry out the inspection only by specialized and experienced inspectors in the object they inspect, with impartiality and ethics based on objective evidence of the inspection. The inspection is never associated with hidden or indirect costs for the customer.

Q-CERT has inspected more than 25,000 organizations in Greece and abroad, constantly gaining the trust of more and more customers. Q-CERT is a founding member of HELLASCERT.

Q-CERT is the 7th largest certification body in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans, with 55 exclusive partners and more than 250 external inspectors and partners in Greece and abroad.

Q-CERT inspects the largest volume of Greek exportable food and is a passport for the Greek product in Europe and around the world.

Q-CERT has inspected 40% of all certified agricultural produce in SE Europe according to the GLOBALGAP standard. Q-CERT is the largest AGRO 2.1-2.2 certification body which is the National standard for Integrated Management in agricultural production.

Q-CERT currently certifies about 45% of BRC, IFS systems in Greece, and 70% in Cyprus, while it conducts inspections of these systems in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Romania, Italy, Egypt, Bulgaria, Malta, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries.

Q-CERT has inspected and certified more than 8,000 management systems in all industries and more than 30,000 elevator installations, industrial products in Greece and abroad

Our services include:

Management system certifications ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, AGRO 2, ISO 27001 accredited by ESYD

Accredited Inspections and Certifications, European Notification number 1617

Construction Products, Elevators, Lifting Machinery, Steam Elevators, Pressure Vessels, Products covered by the Machinery Directive.

Classification of Accommodations and Hotels

Accredited inspections of organic products with approval number GR-BIO-12

eIDAS Trust Service audits accredited by ACCREDIA

Accredited Certifications according to BRCGS, IFS, GlobalGap IFA, QS standards. FDA-approved PCQI training for food businesses exporting to the US.

Greenhouse gas emission verifications ISO 14064-1 (carbon footprint), EU ETS (K. (EE) 2067/2018).

ISCC EU biofuel supply chain sustainability and ISCC PLUS circular economy certifications.

Q-CERT’s proven experience in the inspection of Management Systems, Industrial Products, Services and Food, as well as the partnership strategy, allow covering a wide range of certification needs of many standards such as: ISO 22301, ISO 37001, ISO 39001, ISO 20000- 1

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